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July 31, 2019

This morning our final trip of the summer pushed off from the dock for one last journey around the Alpine Loop. They have paddled North through Sag, around through Red Rocks Bay and Red Rocks Lake into Alpine Lake. They will end their trip on Friday by taking on Seagull Lake and paddling home up the Seagull River. It is a classic trip and will always be one that they associate with Camp and a great summer! They are also taking fishing poles and hope to catch themselves a Stevsie!

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July 30, 2019

The North Shore Climbing trip is such a great way to end a session and the summer. This group of budding climbers have chosen to head out for an awesome week of challenging themselves on the various rocks they will encounter. Da Vinci and Nemo are both experienced and passionate climbers, and they are so excited to share that passion with this group. They will spend today bouldering at an area called section 13, warming up their climbing muscles. Then tomorrow they will go to Shovel Point, which is an awesome rock overlooking Lake Superior. They will be lowered down over the Big Lake and then climb back up to the cheers and support of their fellow climbers. 

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July 30, 2019

Today we sent out 2 5 day trips to kick off the final week of the summer. 

Our oldest campers (the SLP) headed to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. They had the choice of any trip that we offer and this is what they chose. They will spend the next 5 days exploring the entire area. Along the way they will see several waterfalls, camp by amazing lakes and hike for about 17 miles along the shore of Lake Superior. The fact that it is a 6 hour drive away makes it a very special trip for Camp because we can't go every year.

The other group headed for East Bearskin to do a big loop through some of the coolest lakes that the BWCA has to offer. They made the decision to challenge themselves and do a couple of extra portages to get to the biggest and coolest lakes. I'm...

July 24, 2019

This morning our 3 day trips pushed off from Camp's dock (some campers for the first time this summer). One group will be journeying on the Granite River; one will be completing the second section of the Voyageurs Highway; and the other will be going to Brule Lake to catch as many fish as humanly possible. Find your camper (or counselor) and click on the picture to follow their adventure.

Granite River Rapids

 Voyageur's Highway 2

Brule Lake Fishing

July 22, 2019

For the 5 day trip this week, we have sent a very exciting expedition. This group of brave voyageurs have headed up into the great Canadian wilderness. They will paddle up to Mowe Lake and see what they can find. Aggie (front, center) has been to this region before and is stoked to be able to share it with camp. There are several abandoned buildings and lookout towers on the route and then when they get to Mowe Lake they will throw their fishing lines in and catch as many fish as humanly possible! They are unlikely to see very many people on this trip, so they will truly be able to enjoy the quiet and solitude. Click on the picture to follow their adventure.

July 17, 2019

Today we sent out our 3 day trips for the week. One group have headed to one of, if not THE, most beautiful areas in the BWCA, Rose Lake. Here they will spend 3 days exploring the lake and the surrounding hiking trail, which includes a waterfall and some amazing views. They are also going to spend a lot of time fishing, Rose Lake is a big lake so we are expecting them to return with plenty of fishing tales. The other group has gone to the Superior Hiking Trail to hike from Gooseberry Falls, all the way past Split Rock Lighthouse to Beaver Bay. It is one of the coolest parts of the Trail because of the views and points of interest (like the falls and the lighthouse) that they pass along the way. This group is particularly excited because it is Nemo's (one of our long time counselors) first...

July 16, 2019

 WE LOVE THIS TRIP! The Alpine Loop is just a great trip on its own, but adding a couple of days of climbing makes it epic. This group of voyageurs paddled South from Camp into Seagull Lake, where they set up Camp. From here they headed over to the Little Palisades to climb their brains out. Da Vinci is our lead climber and he is not only knowledgeable but passionate about the sport. He always ensures that everyone is challenged, having fun and is safe! Once they can climb no more, they will complete the loop by paddling through Alpine Lake, Red Rock Bay and into Lake Saganaga, arriving back to Camp on Friday!