Cabin Life


While in Camp, boys live in our adirondack-styled cabins with up to six other boys and two counselors.  We do our best to make sure campers in the cabin are within one grade level of their cabinmates.


During the first week of a traditional session at Camp, campers will spend a lot of time with their own cabin group.  Though they will pick their daily in-camp activities individually, each cabin will travel together on a one-night wilderness trip to practice and refresh their wilderness camping skills. After the overnight, campers will sign up for their subsequent adventures individually.


On the first night of each campers' arrival to Camp, they will set up their bunks and then gather with their cabinmates to create a list of guidelines they all agree to live by.  Next comes the Caper Chart. Capers are "chores" campers perform daily to help keep their cabin and Camp neat and tidy.

Camp Birchwood for Boys • 218.388.4402 • 12586 Gunflint Trail, Slip 85, Grand Marais, MN 55604

Check out our Girls Camp
Check out our Girls Camp
Check out our Girls Camp
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