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Health Care at Camp Birchwood for Boys


The health and safety of our campers is top priority.  All of our Camp Birchwood for Boys wilderness guides have current Red Cross Certification in Lifeguarding, Professional Rescuer CPR, AED and Wilderness First Aid.  Each trip group carries a well stocked first aid kit.  If, while on a trip, a camper needs medical attention that is beyond the scope of a guides expertise and/or certification, the guide will contact the camp director to decide a course of action.  All trips leaving Camp are equipped with a GPS device with emergency contact capabilities or a cell phone, depending on their route, so contact with Camp or medical professionals is always available.


Once Camp and emergency services have been contacted a plan will be prepared to transport the camper to the nearest hospital.  In the event of serious injury or illness, parents of the campers will be notified as soon as possible by the director.  Parents will also be called if staff have questions about your campers health, or if there is an ongoing minor health problem.




Campers who suffer from asthma are allowed to carry their personal inhalers with them at all times.  Otherwise, all medications are locked up and dispensed by trained staff.  While out of Camp on trips, Birchwood Wilderness Guides keep all medications in their possession and dispense medications as directed to your child.  All medications or prescriptions must be sent to Camp in their original pharmacy containers.



Physical Activity

If you choose NOT to obtain a physical examination by a medical professional for your son prior to participation in Camp's activities you must contact the camp office prior to your son attending Camp.  Please understand the physical fitness needed to participate in activities such as hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking and rock-climbing.  To assure a safe and healthy experience for your son, please call the camp office if you have any concerns regarding the physical abilities necessary to participate in any of Camp's activities.

Camp Birchwood for Boys • 218.388.4402 • 12586 Gunflint Trail, Slip 85, Grand Marais, MN 55604

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Check out our Girls Camp
Check out our Girls Camp
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