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Voyageurs Have Their Touques

Because our camp is located on the lakes and rivers paddled by the French-Canadian fur-traders (Voyageurs), we love to celebrate their hard work and exploration by modeling some of their traditions.  One of their traditions was to wear a hat called a touque.  The touques were often handmade by a family member and decorated with beads and feathers to embellish the look.


Tonight our wilderness guides told stories of each camper and finished the story by presenting one of five colored voyageur touques.  You could see the pride in each new voyageur as they listened to their story and immediately placed their touque on their head.  Blue for the new campers.  Green for the second year campers.  Maroon for the third year campers.  Red for the fourth year campers and a red-grey striped for the five year campers.  After your fifth year you begin to accumulate the coveted silver paddle pins to place on your touque.

 Tomorrow our senior campers will offer a unique selection of activities that they will lead in the morning.  Then, after an afternoon of in-camp activities, it is time for our first trip selection Sunday of summer 2015.  During trip selection the trips will be presented and each camper will choose the trip of their choice.  Stay tuned to see where your camper is heading next and follow along via the SPOT device.

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