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July 15, 2015

The senior campers pushed off this morning heading north towards Lake Saganaga.  As we have in the past, most trip groups will be carrying a tracking device.  Though this device's main function is to reach help in the case of an emergency, they have a feature that allows you to follow along as they venture through the wilderness.  Once you click on the photo you will be redirected to a map with their current location.  The name of their trip is SLP Alpine Loop.  You will see a little (+) by the trip name.  Once you click on the (+) button their track will appear.  Feel free to follow all of the trips and share the link with friends, family and on social media.


If the device needs to conserve battery to remain available should an emergency arise, it will not allow the tracking feature to be turned on.  So, if you see that your group is in the wilderness and the tracking feature is not working, please rest assure that the emergency features are still available.  In addition, these devices allow two-way text messaging between Camp and the trip group.  If the device is not tracking we will contact the group for an update.  You may contact us at the camp office for any updates regarding your camper's group at any time.


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July 13, 2016

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