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Hagie Bah Bah!

July 18, 2015

I know it sounds like a sneeze, but the title of this article is the beginning of a chant the campers yell to let everyone in Camp know they have returned from their adventure.  Today the groups all arrived within one-half hour of each other so the Hagie was ringing loud and clear.


It is always fun to walk up and down the path after everyone has returned from their trips.  Campers (and staff) are so excited to share their stories, laughs and fish tales from their trips with anyone they see on the paths.  After everyone packed in, got cleaned up and ate dinner we finished up the day with a round of wilderness bingo.  Wilderness bingo really isn't that much different than regular bingo, you just win really cool wilderness gear if you match the required numbers called.  The senior campers and their fearless leader Skippy did the number calling tonight and fun was had by all, especially Raven cabin whose crew took home the majority of the prizes.


Tomorrow, everyone will participate in the in-camp activities that they signed up for and then in the evening we will head over to the campfire rock for some singing, story telling and the presentation of the Voyageurs Touque.  I will post some pictures of the presentation tomorrow and fill you in on the significance of the Voyageur Touque.  

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Trail Ready

July 13, 2016

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