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A Calm Night on the Rock

July 26, 2015

Yesterday all of the trip groups arrived back to base camp.  I knew there was going to be a lot of happy faces as the weather was absolutely perfect for this week's trips.  I did not; however, expect nearly every camper to proclaim that they had just returned from the best trip ever.  Big thanks to Mother Nature and our awesome guides for making this week so great.

 After another hot sunny day of in-camp activities we all went over to the campfire rock for some songs, stories and laughs.  Every two weeks at our Saturday night campfire we announce the winners of a few categories and award them with pins for their accomplishments.  Tonight we awarded the Stevesie, Biggest Fish, caught over the last two weeks as well as the Cleanest Cabin Award.  The awards were given to the following:


Stevesie Staff:        Chubbs

Stevesie Camper:   Chris O 

Cleanest Cabin:      Avant: Nabih, Tommy W, Christian, August, Joshua W, Alejandro

 Tomorrow we will listen to what the SLP campers have to offer for morning activities followed by an afternoon of in-camp activities.  After dinner this week's trip offerings will be announced and campers will get to choose based on the card they are dealt from the Cards of Fate.  

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Trail Ready

July 13, 2016

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