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Four Day Trips Head Out

June 21, 2016

Today our first two groups of the week headed back out into the wilderness for 4 days and 3 nights. Click on the pictures, zoom in  on the map and then click the (+) to follow their adventures.

Alpine Loop Climbing 

This group of Voyageurs left right from the Camp dock and paddled south into Seagull Lake. They found themselves a campsite nice and early and then went to set up some climbs on the Little Palisades, an awesome climbing area in the Boundary Waters. At the top of the cliff they will have amazing views over the lake. After they are all climbed out they will get back in their canoes and complete the Alpine Loop, paddling through Alpine Lake and Sag before arriving back at Camp's dock.


Meeds Lake Loop

This is a new trip for us here at Camp, so this trailblazing group will be doing plenty of exploring in order to report back to us on Friday. They loaded up the canoes on a trailer and drove for about 30 minutes to the center of the Gunflint Trail, here they unloaded the canoes and set off. The loop itself is not too long but they will be spending their time checking out all the different bays, rivers and portages. They will paddle through some of the most beautiful areas in the BWCA, see some amazing views and (hopefully) catch plenty of fish.

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Trail Ready

July 13, 2016

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