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3 Day Trips are on the trail

July 20, 2016

It is a beautiful sunny morning here at Camp, the perfect weather for people to head out on the trail. We sent three more trips out this morning, all will be out for 3 days and 2 nights, returning to Camp on Friday afternoon. Find the picture with your camper or counselor in and click on it to follow a link to their adventure (the name of the trip is above the picture and a description is below).


Superior Hiking Trail 3.1

The Superior Hiking trail runs from near Two Harbors all the way along the North Shore of Lake Superior. We have broken it down into sections over the last couple of years and this year we are on section 3.1. This part of the trail will take our group North from Lutsen Mountain to Cascade River State Park. Along the trail they will see some amazing views of The Big Lake.


Honeymoon Bluff Hike and Fish

This group of young men headed about half way down the Gunflint Trail, to a campground on Flour Lake. Here they will base camp, spending their days walking all the way around the lake and fishing their brains out. In the evenings they will hike up to the beautiful Honeymoon Bluffs for dinner and to watch the sunset. I have a feeling that someone on this trip will catch the sessions biggest fish.


 Meeds Lake Loop

This was a new trip for us here at Camp this year and last session they did it for the very first time. They reported back that it was an amazing trip that needed a few adjustments; we made those adjustments and I think this will be one that we now do for years to come. They loaded up in a van and drove for about 30 minutes to the center of the Gunflint Trail, here they unloaded the canoes and set off. The loop itself is not too long but they will be spending their time checking out all the different bays, rivers and portages. They will paddle through some of the most beautiful areas in the BWCA, see some amazing views and (hopefully) catch plenty of fish.

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July 13, 2016

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