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Everyone is out on the Trail

August 3, 2016

 It was a busy morning here at Camp with 6 trips heading out onto the trail. Three groups went out on their final trip of the year while the guys who just arrived left on their cabin trips.


Once you find the picture of the trip that your camper our counselor is on, click on it to be taken to our tracking pages so you can follow their adventure.



North Shore Rock Climbing

This group will drive back down the Gunflint Trail and a little way down the North Shore to arrive at Shovel Point. Shovel Point is a cliff face that drops directly into Lake Superior, they will start at the top and lower down about half way before climbing back up. Prussik will set up as many climbs as possible for them to attempt over the next 3 days. It is an amazing trip and i think that a lot of them will come back with the climbing bug.

(Due to the number of trips that went out today and the fact that they will be in cell phone range this group did not take a tracking device on this trip.)


 Alpine Loop

I have said it before and I will say it again; we are very lucky to have the Alpine Loop right on our doorstep. This group left from Camps dock and paddled North into Lake Sag, from here they will paddle through Red Rocks Bay, through Alpine Lake, into Seagull and arrive back to Camp on Friday. It is an incredibly popular route that people come from far and wide to complete so we love being able to do it as much as we can. 


Honeymoon Bluff Hike and Fish

About half way down the Gunflint Trail there is a campground on Flour Lake, this is the destination for the Honeymoon Bluff Hike and Fish trip. It has been the trip that we go back to over and over again because of the amount of fun the kids always have. Flour Lake itself has some great fishing and we have had several Stevsie Awards (Biggest Fish) in its waters. The other attraction of this trip is in the name; Honeymoon Bluff is about a half mile hike from the campground and provides absolutely incredible views of the area, previous groups have eaten every meal up on top because it is such a beautiful place to be and I think these guys will follow suit. 



Cabin Trips


Our cabin trips this week all left from Camps dock to either go into Lake Sag or Seagull Lake. Far and Away went North into Sag to fully explore its many islands and coves; Bear Cabin went South into Seagull to explore and also set up a few small climbs; as Toules Cabin are all experienced campers and paddlers, they decided to attempt the Alpine Loop as well and paddled North into Sag to complete their Loop.



Bear Cabin


Far and Away Cabin


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Trail Ready

July 13, 2016

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