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Four Day Trips are Out

July 18, 2017

Today our 4 Day 3 Night Trips left Camp. Find the picture of your Camper and click on it to be taken to the Garmin tracking page and follow their adventures.


Clearwater Lake Loop

This group had to get into the van and drive for about 40 minutes this morning to get to their destination. They will drop their canoes in at Clearwater Lake and complete a large loop that will include several big, deep lakes and some really beautiful portages.They will end their trip right back where they started at Clearwater Lake. It will be a challenging journey, but one that they will love every minute of. One of the counselors on this trip, Roswell, loved it so much last session that he is very excited to do it again and make it even better than last time.

Alpine Loop Climbing

The Alpine Loop Climbers paddled right from Camp's dock and headed south into Seagull Lake. Here they will find a campsite and set up camp as quickly as they can so that they can go climbing. In Seagull Lake there is an amazing cliff called Little Palisades that has a fantastic array of climbs for all abilities. It also boasts an amazing view of the lake and the surrounding forest. Our climbing expert Higgs is very good at what he does, so they will be able to do plenty of climbing and also fit some fishing in as well. After they can climb no more they will head out of Seagull on the west side and up into Sag to complete the world famous Alpine Loop. It is an amazing trip that we are lucky to have on our doorstep.

Superior Hiking 4.1

The Superior Hiking Trail is, yet another, amazing resource that we have just a stones throw (almost) away from Camp. It is 300+ miles of hiking trail that runs all the way along the north shore of Lake Superior through the Superior National Forest. Section 4.1 (as we call it) starts in Grand Marais and goes North, taking in amazing vistas of the Big Lake and there is even a portion that goes right along the beach. The group will then arrive at Judge C. Magney State Park on Friday to be picked up and brought back to Camp. Last session we did this trip in 3 days but the counselors decided that it would be even more enjoyable with an extra day added in. With that in mind they will get a chance to see the Devils Kettle, which is a waterfall that disappears at the bottom; it was, until recently, a mystery. Earlier this year they discovered that the water goes deep underground and then re-enters the river. It is an amazing force of nature.

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