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Five Days in the Woods

July 31, 2017

This morning we had 2 five day trips leave Camp for the Trail. Find their picture and click on it to follow their adventure.


SLP - Porcupine Mountains 

Our Senior campers have spent the last 3 weeks honing their leadership skills, both in camp and on trips. This week they will get a chance to spend time together as a group and talk about all they have learned. They are heading to the amazing Porcupine Mountains in The U.P. of Michigan. They will spend 5 days exploring the hiking trails at the Porkies; including some fantastic waterfalls, beautiful forest and a full day hiking along the shore of Lake Superior. The forest at the Porkies is very different to that of the Boundary Waters so they are in for an absolute treat and an experience that they will never forget.


Voyageurs Highway 1

These guys are driving all the way to Ely, MN (a 4 hour drive) and will drop their canoes in at Moose Lake. From here they will paddle through Knife River and Ottertrack, arriving back at Camp on Friday. They will follow the Canadian border the entire way, being able to put stand in both the US and Canada on several occasions. They will see many amazing sights on the way, not least the Isle of the Pines, where Dorothy Molter (AKA The Root Beer Lady) used to live. This is a favorite trip of so many people and is one that will stick with them forever.

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July 13, 2016

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