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July 3, 2018

North Shore Climbing

The climbing group this week are going along the North Shore of Lake Superior, where they will go to several different climbing areas. Carlton Peak is a great little rock in the Superior National Forest where they will practice their skills and then tomorrow and Thursday they will head to Shovel Point! Shovel Point is a 'Sea Cliff' that drops down right into Lake Superior, they will hike up to the top and then get lowered down about half way before climbing back up. Higgs will set up as many routes as possible, so they can climb all day long. It is an amazing trip and I think all of these guys will come back with the rock climbing bug!

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Voyageurs Highway 2

This group will be continuing our Voyageurs Highway by completing the 2nd section. They will drop in at Gunflint Lake and paddle along the U.S. - Canada border through South Lake, Rose Lake and Duncan Lake. Along the way they will cross the Laurentian Divide (which separates the watersheds of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans) at the Height of Land Portage. This is a famous portage at which the Voyageurs would perform a 'mock' baptism (no religious connotation); our group will perform a similar ceremony here to truly become Voyageurs. It is an amazing trip, with (in my opinion) some of the most beautiful areas in the entire BWCA.

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