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The Gift of Camp - #7 Reflection Allows for Future Growth

January 18, 2019

Often, we go through our day without taking the time to process what we have been through and learned.


 It is known that discussing your reflections is important because it gives new meaning to what you have learned. At Camp, we have new experiences multiple times a day, making this reflection especially important. Every evening during the summer we spend just a few minutes in our cabin, tent, or around the fire discussing our achievements as well as areas that we didn’t enjoy so much (we often term the contemplation period ‘Highs and Lows’). This short time cements what we have learned that day. It allows us to improve and grow ready for the next day and every day after.


 It is something that we (as directors) are absolutely insistent on doing with our counselors. We find that very quickly the staff don’t see this as something they haveto do with the kids, but something they wantto do. It gives their day a finality so they can go to bed knowing what everyone feels good about and what they need to work on.

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July 13, 2016

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