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The Gift of Camp - #8 Daily Choices

January 31, 2019

With school, sports and extracurricular activities, our children’s lives are often completely scheduled from the moment they wake up until it's time for bed. Whilst schedules and boundaries are very important for young minds, studies have also shown the importance of loose, seemingly less structured periods, whether it be an hour in the middle of the day or a whole month. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean wild and crazy free-time!


At Camp, this feeling is achieved by handing the choices over to the kids. Of course, we are there to guide and help but they make the decisions, big and small, all day long. The big ones include choosing which activities to do on a daily basis and which trip to go on every week, as well as what to do in their free time. But it also encompasses the little things like how to get to your activities on time, how to organize their stuff or what to take on trips. Of course, sometimes mistakes are made! But that is the best part, that is when we can truly see the growth.


Giving the kids these opportunities to make their own decisions and to learn from their mistakes, in a safe and controlled environment, allows them to grow more and more into self-assured young men. 




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