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The Gift of Camp - #9 Tangible Achievements

February 4, 2019

Camp is Fun! Spending your summer doing activities that you normally don’t get to do, in the outdoors, surrounded by friends old and new, there is nothing not to love. There is, however, a whole lot more to it than this. 


As humans, we are programmed to try to improve ourselves and the world around us (even if unconsciously) and if we feel like we aren’t seeing this kind of development it is easy to become discouraged. That is why the awesome, fun activities at Camp all have a progression, awards, or some other tangible achievement built in. It allows the campers to leave Camp with something to show and a sense that they have grown during the summer. 


The most obvious of these comes in the form of pins from awards at the archery range, or a bracelet that they made from start to finish. But there are so many more tangible triumphs that don’t have a physical award. Take canoeing for example. You may start by getting into a canoe for the first time ever, then you learn to hold a paddle in the right way and how to paddle in the bow, then you’re in the stern, steering the boat having figured out the j stroke for the first time. All of these seemingly small, but tangible, steps can be a monumental in the life of a young person and will encourage them to keep pressing forward, to continue to grow and improve.


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