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The Gift of Camp - #10 Respect for nature, wildlife and each other

February 11, 2019


One of our main missions at Camp is to inspire a deep and enduring respect and appreciation for the wilderness. We always leave campsites cleaner than we found them; we appreciate the flora and fauna without disturbing them; and we leave the water, air and ground as pure as possible.


Whilst we can all understand and appreciate the benefits of looking after our immediate environment and the environment at large; it is the follow-on effects that are the most interesting. We find is that new-found respect does not stop when we leave the woods. Very quickly, it floods the day to day lives of our campers and counselors. We start to see cabins looking tidier; the paths around camp completely void of trash; and, even, a quiet and calm line for the salad bar! Again, it doesn’t stop here. 


We always hear stories from parents of little positive changes in their kids, when they return from Camp. Of course, no one thing can take credit for this, there are many aspects to these subtle changes. Camp is a time that these young people get the opportunity to grow and develop on their own and with guidance from others. However, we truly believe that developing our own sense of respect for different aspects of life, is a huge part of growing up. And the link between respect for nature, wildlife and each other can clearly be seen.

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