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Cabin Trip Excitement

June 13, 2019


Camp was buzzing this morning, because everyone woke up knowing that today was the day that they get to go out onto the trail! They get to put all of the skills that they learned the last few days into practice. Far and Away Cabin and Raven Cabin will be heading North into Lake Saganaga to explore the islands and try to catch some fish. Shang Cabin will head out to Seagull Lake to do some island hopping as well. Our youngest cabin, Avant, are lucky enough to have our climbing counselors in their group. So they are headed to Trails End Camp Ground to set up camp. From there they will set up a bunch of climbs at Little Shavers climbing area; it is an awesome little spot with plenty of beginner climbs as well as more advanced options. All of our groups are excited and will have an absolute blast!


At Camp we use GPS tracking devices (operated by Garmin), that help keep us safe when we are on the trail. They also allow us to follow their route and share it with family and friends. It is an awesome feature and I have included a link to their map in the picture. Click on the picture of your son and follow their trip. Zoom in and press the (+) to see the route taken so far.


Avant Cabin

Raven Cabin


Shang Cabin


Far and Away Cabin

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Trail Ready

July 13, 2016

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