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Eddy Falls Challenge

June 25, 2019

The Eddy Falls Loop is one of everyone's favorite trips that we offer here at Camp. We leave right from the Camp Dock and head South into Seagull Lake, Alpine and Jasper Lakes, and down through Ogishkemuncie to get to Eddy Falls. Eddy Falls is a tumbling waterfall running from Eddy Lake to South Arm Knife Lake, it is big enough to be called a falls but small and gentle enough that you can play around at the bottom of it. This group of Voyageurs are heading that way this week, they left Camp this morning, aiming to be at the falls by Wednesday night. They will spend some time there and then paddle up through Knife Lake into Lake Sag to complete the loop and arrive back to Camp on Friday. We have often done this as a more relaxed 5 day trip but these guys wanted a challenge, so we made it into a 4 day and they will paddle just a little harder but as the challenge increases so does the fun!

Click on the picture to follow their adventure.



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July 13, 2016

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