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All Trips are out on the Trail

July 17, 2019

Today we sent out our 3 day trips for the week. One group have headed to one of, if not THE, most beautiful areas in the BWCA, Rose Lake. Here they will spend 3 days exploring the lake and the surrounding hiking trail, which includes a waterfall and some amazing views. They are also going to spend a lot of time fishing, Rose Lake is a big lake so we are expecting them to return with plenty of fishing tales. The other group has gone to the Superior Hiking Trail to hike from Gooseberry Falls, all the way past Split Rock Lighthouse to Beaver Bay. It is one of the coolest parts of the Trail because of the views and points of interest (like the falls and the lighthouse) that they pass along the way. This group is particularly excited because it is Nemo's (one of our long time counselors) first ever Camp hiking trip!!


Click on the picture to follow the adventures.


Superior Hiking (Nemo Learns to Walk)


Rose Lake Extravaganza



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July 13, 2016

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