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The final 5 day Voyages

July 30, 2019

Today we sent out 2 5 day trips to kick off the final week of the summer. 

Our oldest campers (the SLP) headed to the Porcupine Mountains in Michigan. They had the choice of any trip that we offer and this is what they chose. They will spend the next 5 days exploring the entire area. Along the way they will see several waterfalls, camp by amazing lakes and hike for about 17 miles along the shore of Lake Superior. The fact that it is a 6 hour drive away makes it a very special trip for Camp because we can't go every year.


The other group headed for East Bearskin to do a big loop through some of the coolest lakes that the BWCA has to offer. They made the decision to challenge themselves and do a couple of extra portages to get to the biggest and coolest lakes. I'm excited to hear about it as I know that they can absolutely do it!

Click on the picture to follow the adventures!


SLP: Porcupine Mountains

 East Bearskin Adventure

(Monty, Dragon, Frio, Carter D, Ryan C, Hugh and Charlie L)




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July 13, 2016

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